SIMCO Rigs Make Life-Changing Impact in Ghana

The quality and reliability of SIMCO Drilling equipment is known around the world. One location that has benefitted from the SIMCO 2800 drilling rig is the Western Africa country of Ghana through the work of Lifetime Wells International.

water well drilling rigs in ghana

Purchased in 2016, the sturdy and compact 2800 model has been a blessing for LWI’s humanitarian efforts. Many villages throughout Ghana have had to rely on mud holes dug by hand in dry riverbeds or other equally unsanitary sources to reach water. The rocky and mountainous terrain makes well drilling challenging without powerful equipment. But reaching the most remote villages is difficult for large, heavy, bulky trucks.

By using the SIMCO 2800, Lifetime Wells International gets the best of both worlds. Mounted on a truck bed, the 2800 makes navigating the tough terrain manageable. The power behind this highly efficient drilling system allows the team to reach the lifesaving water buried meters under the rocky ground.

“Until recently, our drilling was outpacing our ability to educate and train the communities before drilling the wells,” said David Powell of LWI. “Now that the rainy season has ended, the drilling team is back to drilling about six wells a week in the Cheraponi District.”

SIMCO is proud to have been able to provide the right drilling rig for the varied geological conditions in Ghana and is committed to meeting every customer’s specific needs. The experienced and knowledgeable sales team at SIMCO will work with you to help choose or create the perfect rig for your drilling challenges.

No matter if your drilling operations are in the United States, Ghana, or anywhere else in the world, the sales team at SIMCO Drilling Equipment is ready to help you find the perfect drilling rig for the job! Call (800) 338-9925 or contact us online today!