SIMCO Rig Training In Times of Social Distancing

While the world continues to adapt to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, SIMCO Drilling Equipment, INC is doing their part. Rig manufacturing continues with necessary precautions for health and safety, and the sales team has adapted their Rig-Up process for these changing times.

drilling rig training while social distancing

Cities, states, and counties still need to work at maintaining highways and infrastructure across the country, including day to day highway pavement testing. Recently, the SIMCO sales team delivered a new 255 PTC (Pavement Test Core) drill rig to join one state’s fleet of active drills. One part of the customer service SIMCO provides is the “Rig-up” upon delivery.

“We continue to provide basic training on operation and safety, we just have adapted the process to include social distancing measures to do our part to reduce COVID-19 spread,” said Ryan Gross, SIMCO Sales Team Representative. “It’s not business as usual for us, but business as necessary in unusual times.”

SIMCO is known for their excellent customer service that includes an industry-best parts and service warranty on top of the rig-up process. Rig-up training includes a thorough orientation of safe operation of SIMCO equipment as well as proper maintenance to help extend the life of the new rig. From the SIMCO 7000 to pavement test core drills, SIMCO’s commitment to the life, longevity, and safety of their rigs is unmatched.

“It’s important to us that we help our customers get started on the right foot,” said Richard Clarke, SIMCO’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our safety focus is not just for the operation of the rig, but for the customers we serve. So integrating social distancing protocol makes absolute sense.”

If you’d like more information about SIMCO Drilling Equipment services or to get a quote for your own custom-built drilling rig, reach out through our online CONTACT form or call our sales department at 800-338-9925.