SIMCO Reduces Parts Pricing

SIMCO is now offering reduced parts pricing to help you manage costs and overhead while keeping your rigs in the best working condition possible. As the owner of a drilling business, your bottom line is always a major consideration. Maintenance on your drilling rigs is essential, but can also be costly. That’s where SIMCO delivers.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment in Osceola not only manufactures and sells the most state-of-the-art drilling rigs around, their parts and service department is second to none. By creating a new, more affordable parts pricing structure, SIMCO is continuing to work hard to serve clients and live up to the outstanding customer service reputation they are known for.

“We have taken a long look at our parts pricing and understand that our customers have needed a break for a long time,” said Darren Swolley, SIMCO General Manager. “In order to help out our drill rig customers, we have dropped almost all of our prices. We hope this will encourage more maintenance and limit drill rig break downs.”

The new parts pricing structure will:

  • Provide approved SIMCO parts at an competitive, reduced price to help clients avoid costly repairs caused by inferior replacement parts.
  • Remind current and future customers that not only does SIMCO build the best drilling rigs in the industry, they stand behind their work through reliable maintenance and rig repairs right in the Osceola, Iowa facility.
  • Encourage existing SIMCO drilling rig owners to stay up-to-date on maintenance schedules to ensure a long life and excellent return on investment for your purchase.
  • Make our parts and service department as competitive as our rig sales in the drilling industry.

Most people do not understand the importance of quality parts, and think all are the same. Using the wrong filters not engineered for your SIMCO rig increases the potential of damaging the entire hydraulic system. Using improper oil and filters can also void your warranty, which will leave you in a tight spot if your drilling rig encounters any problems. The SIMCO service department always has the proper filter in stock for all SIMCO drill rigs and our new parts pricing structure reduces your cost and keeps your equipment running for the long haul.

SIMCO’s new parts pricing allows our service department to make sure your drilling rigs receive the correct parts for your rig, using only the highest quality supplies. Contact our industry-best customer service department today by email or call 800-338-9925.