SIMCO Quality and Reliability Featured in Industry Magazines

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From the Water Well Journal and National Driller Magazine to WorldWide Drilling Resource, the drilling industry looks to respected publications to learn about the most innovative and reliable drilling systems. SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. is proud to have been featured on multiple covers over the past years.

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For more than a decade SIMCO Drilling Rigs have adorned covers and been prominently featured in some of the drilling industry’s most prevalent publications. In case after case the SIMCO rigs like the SIMCO 7000 and the SIMCO 2800 have shown to be dependable, competitive, impactful, and efficient in a variety of drilling environments. From water well drilling to geothermal well operations and geotechnical drilling, rigs from SIMCO can be found on every continent on the planet.

national driller magazine simco drilling rigs

Whether it’s one of SIMCO’s rigs featured on efficient water well drilling systems or a review from one of SIMCO’s loyal customers, the recognition found in these publications is the product of over four decades of hard work and dedication.

“When we’re called on to supply a rig case study or photo for a custom feature,” said Richard Clarke, SIMCO Sales and Marketing Manager. “It shows that our focus on quality design and engineering separates us from the rest of the industry.”

With SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. approaching their 50th year in business, you can count on even more innovation, more engineering, and a continued dedication to quality from every rig that rolls off the line.

If you have questions or would like to know more about one of the rigs you’ve seen in recent publications, please reach out to the SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. sales and support team through our contact page or call (800) 338-9925.