SIMCO Offers Unmatched Structural Integrity on Every Trailer and Truck Bed

When looking into buying a drilling rig, it can be easy to try to cut corners on the purchase by thinking any truck bed or trailer will do. But with SIMCO, the trailers and truck beds for our drilling systems are built on-site to provide the quality and stability SIMCO drilling rig systems are known for. Whether you’re looking for a durable water well drilling rig or work on a geothermal drilling operation, SIMCO-built trailers and truck beds provide the structural foundation needed for the job.

Complete SIMCO drilling rig systems are not built to be mounted onto just any existing trailer or truck bed. SIMCO’s truck beds and trailers are specially built for each unit and are created to be a true drilling platform. By building to our own specifications, SIMCO avoids the standard truck bed and trailer faults and provides a drilling platform framework for better safety and control.

“Truck beds and trailers you might see driving down the road don’t have the necessary structural supports needed for a quality drilling rig,” says Richard Clarke, SIMCO’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “It isn’t simply a box on wheels. It’s built to support the specific rig and the operation it’s designed for.”

Another feature of SIMCO truck beds and trailers is the built-in hydraulic leveling jack system. Once on site, your crew won’t have to scramble to stabilize and level the trailer. Managed right from the rig’s control panel, the crew can efficiently level and stabilize the trailer in a matter of minutes. This is especially important for deeper-drilling operations (water wells, geothermal well drilling, etc.) where a straight and vertical bore hole is important to the efficiency and success of the operation.

When it comes to geotechnical or water well drilling, you need a drilling rig that starts with the structural integrity needed for your operation. At SIMCO we design and construct our line of truck beds and trailers to integrate with your custom-built drilling system for safety and efficiency.

Contact SIMCO at 800-338-9925 or through our contact page today to learn more about the on-site engineering and manufacturing of our exceptional drilling systems!