SIMCO On The Move – Swolley to General Manager

13 years of commitment, hard work, and drive has tallied up to a great opportunity for leadership within the ranks of SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.!

Darren Swolley, SIMCO’s long-standing sales manager and has been promoted to General Manager for SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. Starting in 2004, Swolley quickly became part of the foundation of the company’s sales success. That longevity and knowledge base made perfect sense in the decision to move him from North American Sales Expert to General Manager, where he plans to continue to grow SIMCO’s accomplishments.

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Married for over 20 years with two teenagers, Darren is a true hands-on part of SIMCO. You will often see Darren out traveling to trade shows to learn the newest industry information or visiting customers and potential customers to hear how SIMCO can best meet their needs. Darren also has led the charge in the company’s advertising efforts and will continue his role as sales manager and working with the SIMCO customer base.

Darren is instrumental in maintaining SIMCO’s reputation for outstanding customer service. With almost every new SIMCO drilling rig purchase, Darren has traveled to spend the time necessary with each new team to make sure every member is comfortable running the new drilling rig or using the SIMCO equipment. He is very knowledgeable about drilling rigs and drilling best practices, and can explain all of the maintenance requirements of the new drill rig and help acclimate the new SIMCO drill to each team’s unique drilling conditions.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new SIMCO drill rig or you need help with maintenance and training, Darren Swolley is the man with the answers! Darren is also available to help you with your used SIMCO rig upon request, or to answer any questions a new SIMCO customer may have.

For more drilling rig maintenance or sales information, or to contact SIMCO, call 1-800-338-9925 or go to our “Contact” page to send us a note, and a SIMCO representative will respond as soon as possible.