SIMCO Meets Your Drilling Needs – And Your Budget!

SIMCO drilling rig equipment

Searching for reliable used drilling equipment on a budget can be a nightmare. If you find one that meets your budget requirements, it’s most likely in poor repair or doesn’t meet your industry specific needs. When working with a limited level of purchasing capital, it’s hard to know where to turn.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment offers a wide range of options to meet your project requirements. Our exceptional drill rigs are specifically engineered for nearly any drill job – geotechnical and environmental drilling, water well drilling, construction and utility work, or any number of exploration and sampling operations. And our unmatched quality is backed by a superior service and support department that guarantees all of the new – and used – equipment we sell.

A start-up company with limited cash flow or a city utility department bound by a tight budget can still benefit from the SIMCO expert engineering and customer service. When one of our customers outgrows the specifications of their current drilling rig, they can come right back to SIMCO and trade in their “old” rig for credit toward a new one. So no matter what your budget, our knowledgeable customer service team can help you find the right drill for your purposes. We guarantee all of our equipment will be of the highest quality and even offer the same outstanding service and support on all of our rigs, new and used.

We pride ourselves on the durability and reliability of our equipment and the SIMCO warranty is second to none in the industry. Our excellent reputation is evident in our customer testimonials and the fact that the SIMCO name is seen all around the world, on all seven continents. Our rigs are built to perform under the harshest conditions to make sure the job gets done and that you are able to serve your customers on time, every time.

Not sure which drilling rig has the functionality to reach your objectives? Contact the expert SIMCO customer service department by phone at (800) 338-9925 or online and we’ll help you get started the right way today.