SIMCO Hydraulic Off-Hole Locking Feature Innovates Drilling Industry

When SIMCO developed the 2800 and the 5000 water well model drill rigs more than 40 years ago, they also developed a safer and more efficient process to add on and remove the drill rods from the tool string. Today, the innovative off-hole locking system comes as a standard feature on most of the drilling rigs manufactured in the SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. facility in Osceola, Iowa.

drilling rig off-hole rod handling

This hinged, hydrostatic drill head has the capability of being unlocked, swung off-hole and out of the way of the bore hole to add or remove drill rods. Then it can be swung back to the same precise position over the hole and relocked in place for seamless continuation of the drilling job. On the SIMCO 7000 and SIMCO 2800 drilling rig models, this can all be done hydraulically from the control panel at any point in the stroke, keeping the crew and the equipment safe. On the 2800 series, the drill head off-holes to the driller side to allow easy drill pipe handling from the opposite side, while the 2400 series drill has a manual off-hole with an easy-to-use latch system, making the automatic hammer much easier to operate.

Another benefit of the off-hole locking system designed and developed over the years by the SIMCO team is the ease of drill rod positioning. Because only the drill head is moved with this feature, the mast stays in place and the winch lines remain lined up directly over the hole. This takes out any guesswork in positioning and greatly reduces the galling of tool joint threads when making and breaking connections.

SIMCO drilling rigs continue to set the standard for all-hydraulic, top head drive machines, and their reputation for top-grade engineering, craftsmanship, and quality continues to innovate the industry and raise the bar. When the experience and knowledge of the SIMCO parts and service department is added to the incredible warranty included in each purchase, it’s no surprise that SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. has maintained its leadership position in the industry.

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