SIMCO Has the Equipment For Your Geotechnical Drilling Success

SIMCO geotechnical drilling rigs and equipment

Geotechnical drilling success is attainable nearly anywhere in the world. No matter if you’re building a 70-story skyscraper, a single-family home or a recreational area for new neighborhood, the first thing to be done is a geophysical survey to find out what kind of materials you are building on. Getting a good core sample is also necessary to determine what types of crops will grow when you’re working at building sustainable living conditions. How can you ensure your geotechnical drilling success? First, make sure you have the best equipment from SIMCO Drilling Equipment!

The best drill in its class on the market today is the SIMCO 2800. With the growth in residential developments and business expansions, it’s necessary to be maneuverable and powerful without putting too much pressure on the surrounding roads and land. The 2800 is one of the only geotechnical drilling rigs out there right now that is compact enough to get into tight spots in the city while still being rugged and strong enough to get the job in any rural terrain. With multiple options for water or mud pumps available and 12,000 pounds of pullback, the 2800 will also meet – and exceed – all of your augering job specifications.

When you’re looking for a true “Super Rig” you need the SIMCO 7000. Big jobs call for serious power and there’s no better big rig for most drilling jobs. Whether for geotechnical or environmental drilling, the impressive 12,500 ft lbs of torque behind this workhorse may be the key to your drilling success. The SIMCO 7000 comes with multiple options to personalize your rig for your specific market, no matter if you’re in the thick clay of the Midwest or the rocky mountains of the Caribbean islands.

Although SIMCO offers a nearly endless configuration of possibilities for your personalized rig, the truly unique part of SIMCO is their service. You won’t find a more dedicated service department, whether you’re calling with questions or bringing your drilling rig in for routine maintenance. The best part of SIMCO that no other drilling equipment company can claim is the best-in-industry warranty. Comprehensive and no-hassle is the name of the game at SIMCO and your drilling success is our number one priority.

Are you curious about what SIMCO can offer your business? Call our amazing sales department at 800-338-9925 for more information about how SIMCO can help build your drilling success or contact us via email today!