SIMCO Has the Drill Rig for Your City Project

simco drilling road core drill rig

Every city has an obligation to maintain infrastructure – roads, electrical systems, water lines. But when you need to make repairs to infrastructure under the roads you are tasked to maintain, how can you perform necessary repairs in an efficient and cost-effective way?

SIMCO Drill offers a couple of compact and powerful drill rig options to fit your needs.

With the call to leave a much smaller environmental footprint, lumbering drill rigs that stress pavement or damage green spaces are being used less and less for street projects. When you need to get under the pavement for water main repairs, cathodic protection, potholing, Key-holing, or maintenance, your goal is to get in and out quickly without disrupting the city’s flow too drastically or for too long. The SIMCO Pavement Core Drilling 255 PTC is the perfect workhorse for your keyhole drilling jobs. Compact and lightweight, the 255 PTC can be mounted to almost any carrier to gain access to small spaces quickly and easily. You can mount it to your existing vehicles and eliminate the need to outsource, so the 255 PTC pays for itself in no time.

If you’re looking for a drill rig that combines auger and percussive capabilities, look no further than the SIMCO 2400 Drillteam. Ideal for locating water main breaks or gas leaks, this all-hydraulic package teams the street surface penetrating ability of a percussive drill with the soil augering of a rotary drill rig. This combination saves time, money and manpower so one team can get in and find the source of the problem faster. The percussive hammer goes through most any street surface and in ideal conditions the drillhead will auger to depths of over 30 feet in just minutes.

The best part of purchasing a SIMCO Drill is the unparalleled service. When you buy from SIMCO, you not only get a state-of-the-art rig, you walk away with the best warranty in the industry and the backing of a dedicated and knowledgeable service and repair team. You can rest assured that the SIMCO service department will be there to train your staff, answer your questions and provide supplies and repairs with quick turnaround.

Contact the SIMCO customer service team by email or by calling (800)338-9925 to learn more about the SIMCO Warranty or to find the perfect drill rig to meet your needs.