SIMCO GM Darren Swolley Featured in Australasion Drilling Magazine

SIMCO Drilling Equipment is known and used all around the world. The experience and expertise of the SIMCO team has built a respected reputation within the drilling industry. Recently, Darren Swolley was interviewed by Australasian Drilling Magazine.

darren swolley simco drilling equipment

In addition to auger drilling and soil sampling, many drillers are trending toward doing more wet rotary drilling. This increase in demand was a driving force behind designing bigger and better water mud pumps. Drill rig components are constantly changing to meet the needs of customers and the jobs they are doing.

“There are still many smaller drills that use the cathead winch, but in most part the auto hammer is on most drills these days,” Swolley said. “Many customers today are also demanding a rig with longer stroke to handle drill pipe as well as augers.”

Many drills today offer high torque ranges as well as high rpm ranges to give drillers options in reaching desired depths and in how samples are retrieved.

“SIMCO is one of the few drill rigs that has a variable hydro-static driven drill head. This feature allows for smoother operation, maximum torque when needed, and efficient use of horsepower,” Darren said. “With infinitely adjustable control in all speed torque ranges, the SIMCO 2800 variable speed drill head gives you more control. When the torque stays constant at any speed, you have the ability to move seamlessly through the drilling layers.”

In the Australasion Drilling Magazine article, Darren advises customers on the hunt for a soil sampling rig to understand if the drillhead is powered by a mechanical drive, a hydrostatic drive, or a variable drillhead.

“Ask questions about their warranty and what is and isn’t covered. Also, ask about training on your new drill,” he advised.

The team at SIMCO Drilling Equipment is looked to for drilling rig expertise not only in the U.S., but all around the world. Known for quality equipment and outstanding customer service that extends well beyond the sale, drillers know they can trust the SIMCO name.

For more information, contact Darren Swolley by calling 800-338-9925 or by reaching out through the SIMCO contact page today.