SIMCO Geotechnical Drilling Equipment Tops Industry Standards

Geotechnical drilling poses unique challenges that need to be conquered to get the job done. SIMCO Drilling Equipment understands these challenges and has spent the last 50 years engineering the best rigs to meet and exceed your geotechnical drilling needs.

geotechnical drilling rig options

What makes SIMCO’s geotechnical drills stand out above other manufacturers? We beat the industry standard in three distinct and important ways – tooling capability, more control over the drillhead hydraulics, and mud pump options.

  • Tooling: The standard auger tooling in the drilling industry is roughly five feet. But SIMCO engineers geotechnical drills with a long stroke mast to handle 10-foot tooling. Our drilling equipment offers you the capacity to drill farther and more efficiently than any others in the industry.
  • Control: With SIMCO’s variable speed drillhead, your team keeps control with the ability to change the speed to meet unexpected challenges encountered in the field. As the only manufacturer in the industry to offer these variable speed options, your team can cut down on broken drill bits or other setbacks by controlling the rig as needed.
  • Mud Pump: One key to completing geotechnical drilling jobs efficiently is the ability to keep up with clearing the cuttings to push progress farther, faster. With bigger mud pump options that provide a higher gallon per minute output, SIMCO drills provide the increasing capabilities that will keep your business in the field and in demand.

I purchased a SIMCO 2800 in 2012 and, as the owner and well driller of a small company, I also have the ability to core rock,” said customer Joseph. “I can complete both environmental and geotechnical drilling jobs all while working in a small footprint with a 10 ft. stroke. I am very pleased with the overall design!”

Geotechnical core exploration drilling, city municipal keyhole drilling, or DOT pavement coring becomes more manageable with SIMCO’s choices of drilling equipment. SIMCO engineers have spent decades designing rigs and peripheral equipment to achieve success against most geotechnical drilling challenges, building a reputation for versatility, longevity and reliability. By relying on SIMCO geotechnical rigs and equipment including the 2400, 2800, and 7000 models, you can rest assured that we have the answers for almost any drilling demands your business will come up against. And with the outstanding SIMCO warranty, your purchase can be maintained for years to come and bring you a return on investment for continued growth.

Contact SIMCO’s service department at 800-338-9925 or through email on our contact page for more information about how SIMCO can help you build your Geotechnical Drilling business.