SIMCO Drills Making a Difference Around the World

water well drilling in africa, simco 2800 drill

Image courtesy of Quest For The Best

SIMCO Drill owners in and around Iowa know the quality and power of a SIMCO drill rig. But many are not aware of how SIMCO equipment is helping organizations around the world make a real difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Lifetime Wells International, an organization created through the merging of Lifetime Wells for Ghana and Wells for Relief, is working tirelessly  around Africa to provide safe drinking water to the people that have been living without. Throughout the small Western Africa coastal country of Ghana and across the Eastern country of Tanzania, many villages have relied on mud holes dug by hand in dry riverbeds and other unsanitary sources for the small amounts of water needed to survive. The rocky and mountainous terrain makes it exceedingly difficult to dig water wells without powerful equipment. Just trying to reach the most remote people is difficult with very large and very heavy, old trucks, and the group runs through many drill bits trying to reach the lifesaving water buried below.

Lifetime Wells for Ghana pooled resources with Wells for Relief in 2016 to purchase a new, compact, rugged drilling rig with the power and maneuverability to work through the challenges of water well drilling in Africa. Wells for Relief was able to obtain a very generous grant from Quest for the Best Foundation that Lifetime Wells for Ghana was able to match. Through this amazing work and partnership, they were able to purchase a new SIMCO 2800 drilling rig and a completely rebuilt air compressor package to continue their work.

“Our new SIMCO 2800 drill allowed us to drill about 100 wells between May and December of 2016. What a difference not having to fix and repair equipment every day makes,” said Ken Wood, Lifetime Wells for Ghana founder. “The hard rock of Ghana is no match for our new equipment now.”

SIMCO is exceptionally proud to have been able to build the right drilling rig for the varied geological conditions in Ghana. The experienced and knowledgeable sales team at SIMCO will work with you to help choose or create the perfect rig for your drilling challenges. The compact and rugged 2800 is great for tough terrain, poor highway and road systems, and small spaces that require the ability for tight maneuvering. The 2800 also has the power to drill the larger 7″ – 10″ diameter boreholes necessary to properly construct the finished wells.

Whether your drilling needs are in Iowa, Canada, Peru, Ghana or Haiti, the sales team at SIMCO Drill is ready to help you find the perfect drilling rig for any job! Give us a call at (800) 338-9925 or contact us online today!