SIMCO Drilling System Tailored to Each Application

Every drilling situation is different: different uses, needs, locations. Your organization’s drilling goals are unique and no two environments are the same. That’s why every SIMCO drilling system is built to order.

Whether your organization is focusing on water well drilling, soil sampling, or pavement core drilling, we can build the perfect SIMCO drilling system to help you reach your objectives. Our application process is unique and in-depth, and really gets to the heart of your drilling needs. We take into account where you’ll be drilling, what the soil or geological conditions consist of, the purpose of your drilling, and your timeline. Depending on the configuration of your drilling system and the best components needed to get your job done, building you the perfect tool can take anywhere from 90 to 160 days.

“Before 2008 and the recession, there was inventory kept on hand throughout the industry,” said Rich Clarke, Director of Sales and Marketing for SIMCO Drilling Equipment. “But why should all rigs be the same? SIMCO believes that every client deserves to have a system built to fit your needs, not the other way around.”

The right SIMCO drilling system is built to the goals and needs of each client to ensure that all components work together perfectly to get your rig running at top efficiency. Reliability, power, and the security of knowing that you have everything you need to perform your operation is what the SIMCO drilling system is all about.

Contact SIMCO online HERE or call one of our outstanding customer service representatives at 800-338-9925 to find out how SIMCO can best meet your drilling needs.