SIMCO Drilling System Boosts Productivity

Customers frequently inquire about SIMCO mud pumps, drill rods, and the horsepower our rigs can manage. But it’s easy to miss the big picture: By offering a comprehensive drilling system rather than just individual pieces, SIMCO has created an efficient package that works together to increase your output and grow your profits.

SIMCO sells more than just rigs; the SIMCO drilling system is so much more important than the rig by itself. When looking at a drilling rig, it’s important to look at all the components and how they work together. Each piece has to be more than compatible with every other piece to reach maximum efficiency. The components used to build SIMCO equipment are engineered so that everything works together to boost your productivity. The drilling rig alone is nothing without the right tools:

  • Mud pump – the mud pump is all about fluid control, which is why SIMCO never uses a suction line more than 45º. When the line is up around 90º, you’ve already got a restriction in the line and your suction pressure drops.
  • Hydraulics – whether you use a rod-handling table, an articulating jib winch, or a rod carousel, SIMCO offers state of the art hydraulic systems to increase your rig’s adaptability and create a safer environment for your crew.
  • Pipe and swivel – if the swivel and rod pipe are not compatible sizes, the restriction created at the top of the drill will drop pressure at the bottom, slowing down the whole process. For instance, on our 2400 and 2800 models, pairing SIMCO’s 2-inch swivel with the 1⅞-inch internal opening of the SIMCO PDQ rod, you can count on less pressure drop and higher flow.

“Twenty years ago, we asked ourselves, how can we make our drill rigs more productive,” said Rich Clarke, Director of Sales and Marketing for SIMCO Drilling Equipment. “It became apparent that the answer was to create a more efficient drilling system. When all the pieces go together and fit just right, the whole package will increase output and save time and money.”

While other companies may try to sell you individual components to fix a problem or meet one need of your project, SIMCO has taken a proactive approach. By thinking through the ways in which each part impacts the efficiency of every other part, SIMCO has engineered the perfect drilling system to boost your productivity.

Contact SIMCO Drilling Equipment by email or by calling 800-338-9925 to find out more about the SIMCO drilling system and how it can increase your efficiency, capability and bottom line.