SIMCO® Drilling Equipment Featured in 2015 National Driller Magazine

For Virginia Drilling Company, Keeping Happy Customers Has To Do With Their SIMCO® Drilling Rigs and Equipment

drilling equipment water wellNational Driller Magazine, one of the drilling industry’s premier news and information publications recently ran a story about quality customer service. In an industry strife with risk and liability, the customer’s happiness is one thing most drilling companies work hard to make sure never wanes.

Virginia Drillers, Bundick Well & Pump, when asked what keeps their customers happy, cites SIMCO® Drilling Equipment as the core of their drilling fleet.

James Bundick stated, “We use the SIMCOs. We used table drives for years. … But what we were looking at was a rig that would have less maintenance and make it easier on the men. When your arms and your shoulders are worn out from clutches and pulling gears on table rigs — the old-style table rigs, you look for something in a better safety factor, less wear and tear on your men to make it easier on them. So we went to SIMCO … told them what we were looking for and worked with them to build us a rig. Right now, we have four of the SIMCOs that are doing a really nice job for us. We have two 2800s, a 5000 and a 7000. They all do a fine job for us. And those folks out there at SIMCO have just been outstanding to give us service, meet our needs with any suggestions we might have to design those rigs for us for our area. We couldn’t ask for a better rig than what we have to do our work with than the SIMCO.”

Much of the work SIMCO puts into our drilling rigs as well as the support, service and parts available to our clients start with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. From newly manufactured SIMCO® 7000s and SIMCO® 2800s to the numerous used drilling rigs and equipment we offer, attention to quality starts with our customers.

You can click here to read the full National Driller article.

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