SIMCO Customer Testimonials

SIMCO® Drilling Equipment has over 50 years experience in the drilling industry, providing top-of-the-line drilling rigs and equipment to customers all over the world. From South America drilling programs to Africa drilling, European drilling, Australian drilling, as well as drilling in the United States and Canada, if you’re in need of a durable water well or geothernal drilling rig, take the word from some of our customers on the quality you’ll receive from SIMCO® Drilling Equipment, Inc.



“SIMCO has friendly company representatives, good service, and are reasonable priced.

The SIMCO 2800 HS (HT) is compact, efficient, and very maneuverable. The rig seems to be quite a power horse. I can drill, case, gravel pack a 60’ – 70’ water well in two hours.

My SIMCO 2800 HS (HT) drills 60’ – 320’ water wells with a 9” borehole.”

— Lanny

Gordon, Nebraska, USA



“We bought our first SIMCO 2800 rig because of our attention to detail business plan. We did not want to damage the homeowner’s property any more than we absolutely had to. The first rig brought us customers that had only ever experienced geothermal installations that lasted for several weeks and destroyed an area far greater than needed. We now have five SIMCO 2800 Rigs operating all over Southern Ontario, one that is outfitted with a down the hole hammer. SIMCO’s Rigs are well thought out with simple features that are easy to maintain.

When needed, SIMCO’s parts department works hard to ship parts overnight, most of the components needed are easily available.

We will continue to operate SIMCO Rigs in our company for years to com”

— Chris

Ontario, Canada



“My  SIMCO 2800 bought  1982 and imported to Colombia is yet working, I have made some modifications, and with its work I have raised and  feed my family I am 81 years old and working every day, you can tell this to your future customers the  quality pays.”

— Roberto
Bucaramanga, Colombia 

South America