SIMCO Core Drilling Rigs Provide Smooth Power Where You Need It

Core drilling with SIMCO rigs, whether the 255 PTC, 2400, 2800, or 7000 model, gives you an advantage over other drilling rigs time and time again. Even hard material and rocky surfaces are no match for SIMCO power. Whether you’re working small diameters for mineral exploration or need up to 18” diameter pavement coring capability, SIMCO has the drilling rig with the power, rotation speed control, and torque to fit the job.

core drilling rig

Whether it’s the 11′ stroke mast on the 2400 and 2800 model rigs or the 42″ stroke mast on the 255 PTC, this longer stroke feature makes core drilling with a SIMCO rig much more efficient.  By handling longer drill rods and/or longer core barrels, more time is spent on drilling with less time spent handling drill rods.

The SIMCO all-hydraulic drive system offers smooth operation and precise control of all functions. Use 5′ or 10′ long conventional or wire line core barrels with ease for deep hard rock coring.  For thicker pavements, handling 24-36″ long thin wall bits is a common practice.

When core drilling, your crew gets complete control over the process with the infinitely adjustable rotation speeds, the flatter torque curves, and the fully adjustable bit pressures and feed rates. Even the output of the hydraulically driven water pump is fully adjustable. Dial in what you need when you need it.”

road core drilling

More than half of the DOTs in the United States are currently running the SIMCO 255 PTC for all of their pavement test core drilling needs. SIMCO’s reliability, top-of-the-line features, and reputation for the best customer service in the industry have all led to being trusted to get the job done across the country. Is there a better testimonial than that?

To learn more about SIMCO test core drilling features and to start assembling the best drilling rig to serve your customers, call our sales team at 800-338-9925 or request a custom quote through our contact page.