SIMCO All-Hydraulic Feature Puts Control in Your Hands

SIMCO provides top-of-the-line options for all of our drilling rig packages. From water well drilling to core testing and more, the diversity of our drilling rig packages gives SIMCO customers strategic advantages over the competition. One advantage available to our customers is our all-hydraulic, infinitely adjustable rotation speed drill heads.

The ability to precisely control the speed of the drill head provides you with the power and strength where you need it most. A smooth higher speed is no problem for coring, but you also have the variability to set a low RPM with the higher torque needed to get your auger drilling and other jobs started.

“We give operators the power where it’s needed most,” said Rich Clarke, SIMCO’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “The variable speed drill head allows {them} to control the torque to start up with optimal power in hard.”

For mud rotary, this all-hydraulic drive feature gives you medium torque and medium speed ranges, suitable for the kind of tools you’re using. Core drilling requires high speeds, and auger drilling is most efficient with low RPMs and higher torque, and SIMCO drilling rig features can handle all of it. Your drilling crew gets greater control, which translates to greater safety for them and for the equipment.

“All of our hydraulic drill heads are somewhat self-protecting,” said Clarke. “In the 255PTC, specifically, if you over-stress the hydraulic drive heads – exceed the torque or jam it – it will trigger a relief valve taking the pressure off and helping protect the equipment.”

SIMCO Drilling Equipment works closely with every customer, asking the right questions to help create the most efficient and reliable drilling rig to meet their needs and serve their clients. No matter if you need equipment for water well drilling, geotechnical sample drilling, or pavement core drilling, you can count on SIMCO expertise.

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