SIMCO 7000’s Mud Pump Options Provide The Capacity You Need

“What is the capacity of that drill rig?”  This is a question we get asked a lot.

simco 7000 capacity drilling rig variables

Ultimately, when you reach the depth where you can’t pull up the drill string, you’ve reached the rig’s capacity. Based on this criteria, though, the max capacity rating of the SIMCO 7000, SIMCO’s largest rig would be well over 5000 feet.

Realistically, with any mud rotary drill rig, you’ve reached maximum depth capacity when you can no longer move the cuttings out of the hole. This is where having mud pump options becomes important.

Generally, there are several different versions of mud pumps available. With the SIMCO 7000 you can choose between centrifugal and piston pumps and different sizes with different depths and borehole diameters to suit your specific drilling needs.

The three options outlined below illustrate the capacity available with the SIMCO 7000, depending on the mud pump chosen for the system:





4 x 3 x 13” Centrifugal 500 gpm/250 psi 400-450’
5 x 6 Duplex Piston 175 gpm/325 psi 450-700’
5 ½ x 8 Duplex Piston 222 gpm/338 psi 700-1000’
(Capabilities subject to drilling and soil conditions, 
mud pump size, and auxiliary compressor size.)


Fully adjustable output controls and a hydrostatic drive are standard on each of these mud pump options.

Because each rig is built to your specifications, choosing the best mud pump for your goals takes into consideration many additional factors. Bore hole size, drilling conditions, geology, the mud mixture, and the desired depth capacity all have bearing on which mud pump will be the best fit for your personal drilling rig. By offering these different options, SIMCO helps you avoid the pitfalls of spending more money for a capacity you don’t need.

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