SIMCO 7000 Drilling System is Ideal for Your Water Well Drilling Needs

When you need power for water well drilling, the SIMCO 7000 is the system to get the job done. With the ability to tailor componentry to your specific needs, SIMCO has been a leader in the drilling industry for decades.

simco 7000 water well drilling rig

Since water well drilling isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation, the components of your drilling rig shouldn’t be, “Off the shelf” solutions, either. The SIMCO team has the knowledge and over 50 years’ experience to help you customize your water well drilling system for peak productivity and profitability. Two highly impactful factors SIMCO can tailor to your needs are the rod carousel and the mud pump.

  • Drill Rod Carousel: The carousel on the SIMCO 7000 provides safer handling of your drill rods, lowering risk of injury for your crew. By offering a carousel with automatic indexing on our powerhouse water well drill rig, you can take the guess-work out of making and breaking connections and improve each job’s overall drilling speeds and efficiency.
  • Drilling Mud Pump: The efficiency of any drilling job can be affected by having the right mud pump. When need to move the cuttings out of the hole, or you’ve reached maximum depth capacity, this is where having options for your drilling rig’s mud pump becomes imperative. With the SIMCO 7000 water well drill rig you can choose between centrifugal and piston pumps in different sizes impacting different depths and borehole diameters to suit your specific water well drilling operation.

The SIMCO 7000 is one of the most powerful drilling rigs with the best ROI in the water well industry. By offering options and the ability to tailor the componentry of your rig to your specific water well operation, SIMCO can help boost efficiency in the field and keep your crews working and your customers coming back for more.

Call SIMCO at 800-338-9925 to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales team or reach out through our Contact page to learn more about customization options for your water well drilling operations.