SIMCO 7000 Drilling Rig Leads the Drilling Industry

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When looking to invest in a new drilling rig, you need to consider not only the capability of the rig but also the history behind it. Do other companies within the industry swear by the drilling rig? Has the equipment proven itself time and time again in a variety of locations and climates? You need a drilling rig capable of handling nearly any condition. By locating such a unit, you’ll know it can function wherever you need it. The SIMCO 7000 drilling rig has been in production and used worldwide for over 50 years. This makes it not only a drilling industry leader but one of the best selling drilling rigs of all time. By comparing the rig directly to the competition, you should understand exactly what sets it apart and why the SIMCO 7000 drilling rig and equipment are the best around.

Specific Uses of the SIMCO 7000

The SIMCO 7000 drilling rig is a water well drilling rig designed specifically for deep well drilling as well as geothermal drilling in almost any conditions. Some specifics on the rig can vary, based upon the mud pump size and AUX compressor size. This allows you to customize the unit to fit your particular needs. However, you still need to compare the SIMCO 7000 to other commercial drilling rig models on the market.

SIMCO 7000 Drilling Specifications

In regards to the SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment, the 7000 offers a 2,900 pound feet of drillhead torque, with a drillhead rotations per minute of 0 to 300. The push down weight is 15,000 pounds while the pullback scales at 29,500. It also features a main winch weight of 12,000 pounds, a 3,800 pound AUX winch and a drillhead travel size of 24 feet.

Comparison Shopping

The nearest competitors to the SIMCO 7000 range from start-ups to industry veterans, but few offer their models’ complete details and information like SIMCO does on our own Web site. As a busy owner, you likely don’t have the time to track down specs from companies not willing to provide this important information.

It’s our goal to provide our customers with the best drill rigs and drill rig equipment in the industry with an unmatched warranty and support.

Want the best drill rig and drilling rig equipment in the industry? The SIMCO 7000 is the workhorse your commercial operation needs. Call 800-338-9925 to speak with their knowledgeable customer service department or email them any questions today!