SIMCO 2800 Water Well Drilling Rig Outpaces The Competition

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Water well drilling equipment needs to perform in difficult environments without experiencing contamination, warping or break downs due to thick mud and sludge. The SIMCO 2800 water well drilling rig is designed for the installation of geothermal pumps in addition to water wells. As the most powerful 2800 level drill on the market today, it has the ability to work in any environment, regardless of potential water conditions or resistance. By comparing the SIMCO 2800 with other water well drilling rigs, you’ll see the difference in power and drilling potential.

Setting the SIMCO 2800 Apart

Many geothermal pumps and wells are installed in residential areas. This means the amount of space available to maneuver is often limited and you may not have the available space to bring a larger drill rig into a client’s yard. On the other hand, the SIMCO 2800 can be installed on the chassis of a heavy duty pickup. Many of these rigs, given space for wheelbase and weight, can maneuver much easier and safer around obstacles than the bulkier rigs.

The SIMCO 2800 water well drilling rig uses a 2 x 3 Centrifugal mud pump to remove stuck debris at a max 400 gpm/250 psi. For a drill of its size, there is nothing else on the market that gives you this kind of mud pump potential. The 2,850 pound drillhead, with a max rpm of 300, should have no problem reaching the necessary depth while churning through nearly any stone, rock or other debris in your way.

Directly Compare the Competition

The RockBuster R100T is a direct comparison well water drill available on the market. The drill can be installed on a RAM 4500 or Ford 450, but it requires an extended chassis and dually wheels, which greatly increases cost while reducing maneuverability. This drill is recommended for a flat bed installation.

The drill speed on the RockBuster R100T is 1-150 rpm (half of the SIMCO 2800 300 rpm) and the pullback maxes out at 10,000 pounds (the 2800 has a max of 12,000 pounds). While the main winch weight of the R100T checks in at 6,000 pounds, the SIMCO 2800’s winch weight is 4,500 pounds, which reduces the amount of weight and stress placed onto your pickup. This greatly extends the life of not just your pickup, but the drill rig as well.

The SIMCO 2800 water well drilling rig stands up and outdoes the competition every time! Contact our outstanding service department today to find out how SIMCO can help your bottom line!