SIMCO 2800 Geotechnical Drill Rig – The Power Needed for Houston Flood Recovery

The summer of 2017 saw Hurricane Harvey slam into the city of Houston, Texas, causing widespread flooding and damage. The recovery has been long and is still ongoing. Any time there is flooding such as in the aftermath of Harvey, contamination can be extensive and dangerous. The need for soil surveys and sampling grows exponentially and the SIMCO 2800 drill rig is built to meet that need.

SIMCO anchor drilling rig oil rig

With water covering much of the city, chemical contamination is a very real possibility. Restoring safety in residential neighborhoods is imperative to the healing process after a disaster. That’s why soil sampling and testing has become a crucial factor in the rehabilitation of Houston.

The SIMCO 2800 drill rig is ideal for environmental and geotechnical drilling. Ruggedly built with a compact design, this all-hydraulic drilling rig is considered the best in its class on the market today. After disasters like Hurricane Harvey, it’s necessary to have the maneuverability and power of the 2800 drill  to be able to navigate an urban landscape for geotechnical ground investigation drilling.

Michael Johnson of Houston’s Associated Testing Laboratories said, “The 2005 2800 I purchased from SIMCO was producing money the day after I received it.” And when it came to speed, efficiency and safety, Michael emphasized, “When drilling geotech samples every 5 ft,the speed we can trip pipe and make connections determines our pay for the day. The speed and efficiency of the hydraulic clamp and table combined with breakout wrench make the driller and helpers  jobs easy and safe.”

Whether testing soil for hazardous chemicals or checking water wells for other dangerous contaminants, the SIMCO 2800 drilling rig has the power and mobility to reach drilling sites in tight or extreme situations. SIMCO builds each drilling rig to customer specifications, incorporating only the necessary components to meet each customer’s needs.

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