SIMCO 2800 Geotechnical Drill Makes Environmental Monitoring Easy & Painless

It has been two years since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas and other surrounding communities. Dropping 50 inches of rain on the area, Harvey caused widespread flooding and damage and the recovery is still ongoing. Any time there is flooding such as in the aftermath of Harvey, contamination can be extensive and dangerous. The need for soil surveys, monitor wells, and sampling grows exponentially and the SIMCO 2800 drill rig is built to meet that need.

geotechnical drilling flood contamination

Restoring safety in residential neighborhoods is imperative to the healing process after a disaster. Monitor wells are an effective way to test the groundwater quality and don’t rely on a large volume of water to get the job done. At only about two inches in diameter and often producing less than a gallon a minute, monitor wells are nonetheless necessary in disaster recovery. SIMCO’s 2800 rig has the power, the mobility, and the adaptability for installing a variety of monitoring wells. The rig is also capable of exceptional well development in almost any conditions.

In his article “Environmental Monitoring” in World Wide Drilling Resource magazine, Tom Kwader says,

“During the construction of MWs, well development is very important – not so much to increase well yield, but to remove as much turbidity (such as suspended particles of silts and clays) that can affect the laboratory results, particularly dissolved metals.”

The SIMCO 2800 drill rig is ideal for environmental and geotechnical drilling. Ruggedly built with a compact design, this all-hydraulic drilling rig is considered the best in its class on the market today. After disasters like Hurricane Harvey, it’s necessary to have the maneuverability and power of the 2800 drill to be able to navigate an urban landscape for geotechnical monitor well drilling. This mobility paired with the speed teams can trip pipe and make connections lends itself to improved efficiency and safety in the field.

For the best drill rigs on the market today, contact SIMCO Drilling Equipment on their website or by calling 800-338-9925 for your customized quote. SIMCO builds each drilling rig to customer specifications, incorporating only the necessary components to meet each customer’s needs.