SIMCO 255 PTC: Quality Standard In Pavement Test Core Drill Rigs

The SIMCO 255 PTC was introduced to the market in 1998. It has since become the new standard for high production, high quality pavement test core drill rigs with a majority of state DOTs and USAF being current end users.

test core drilling rig

There are a number of safety and operating features that set this unit apart from the competition. These features include:

  • Right hand controls – keeps the operator out of traffic
  • Emergency shut down system – shuts down engine and hydraulic systems simultaneously
  • Standard night light package – illuminates controls and work area
  • Adjustable bit centering guide – keeps bit stable and secure, no walking of bit when starting the drill
  • Tandem axle trailer with electric brakes – provides stable towing at highway speeds
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks – provides fingertip control of leveling stabilizers when needed
  • Load sensing hydraulic system – efficient operation of all functions, will not allow operator to overpower drilling functions. Low maintenance and longer bit life
  • Fully adjustable controls – for water flow (0-7 gpm), feed rate and down pressure. Rotation speeds are fully adjustable, and the direct read tachometer allows operator dial in optimum rotation speed for different bit sizes and pavements
  • Adjustable depth gauge – provides accurate depth readings of drilling progress
  • Hydraulic Positioning-rig has 12” hydraulic in/out slide base and 18” hydraulic side to side mast movement for accurate final positioning over drilling site
  • Long stroke mast-the 42” of stroke allows for use of longer barrels (20-24+”) as pavements get thicker
  • Hydraulic mast raise-the core barrel and extension lock into place during transit. Raise the mast and you are ready to drill
  • Hydraulic mast clide-the 20” mast slide feature provides a stable base for drilling and for using the adjustable down feed pressure control. No floating of drill head
  • Large capacity water tank-the 200-gallon stainless steel water tank and the fully adjustable water pump provide all day operations without re-filling the tank
    • SIMCO 255 PTC – 4”X 9” core drilling at 4”/min= 2 minutes.
      With water pump at 2gpm, total water per core = 4 gallons
      Using 200-gallon tank, 45+ cores per tank
    • Electric core drill – 4”x 9” core drilling at 3”/min= 3 minutes
      With water pump at 3 gpm, total water per core= 9 gallons
      Using 35-gallon tank, 4 cores per tank

Since all of our drilling systems are engineered and built in-house, all SIMCO rigs come with an industry-best one-year warranty. When you’re looking for reliable, high production and high-quality pavement test core drilling equipment, look to the SIMCO 255 PTC.

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