SIMCO 255 PTC Features Beat the Rest

A recent parts purchase from the SIMCO service department resulted in a proud revelation. The long-time client had said that his company had sold all their drilling rigs and switched to outsourcing pavement coring jobs. But that wasn’t the full story: the company sold all their drilling equipment except their two SIMCO rigs that they had been using for years – the EP200 auger rig and the newer 255 PTC (Pavement Test Core). His reason?

SIMCO makes the best core drill for production and performance.

pavement test core drilling rig

We certainly pride ourselves on the quality and long life of every piece of equipment we manufacture and sell, but getting such a glowing review from a customer solidifies our top of the industry reputation. The 255 PTC offers unique features that ultimately help grow your bottom line by saving you time, allowing you to get more jobs done efficiently.

According to further customer feedback, these are the top features of the 255 PTC:

  • Long stroke that accommodates longer barrels for thicker pavements
  • Fully adjustable rotation speed with an electronic readout
    • allows your crew to dial in the speed to match the size of the barrel for optimal performance
  • Fully adjustable water pump
    • saves water by allowing the crew to dial the water pump flow up or down, based on coring conditions
  • Fully adjustable bit pressure and feed rate
    • allows 20% or more longer barrel life
  • Versatile, self-contained unit
    • can be mounted to a truck bed, a trailer, or multiple types of mounts

Core drilling requires high rotation and lower drill down pressure, and the many adaptable features of the 255 PTC allow you meet the unique challenges of each pavement job with confidence. The SIMCO 255 PTC can be built with a pivot base when you need to get into hard-to-access keyhole jobs. The 255 drills a core as small as 2 inches up to an impressive 18 inches without tearing up the whole street or sidewalk. Due to its compact size and weight, this rig can be mounted to almost any carrier, keeping your existing trucks in service and saving you money.

Need a piece of core drilling equipment that is easy to transport with the power and speed for maximum efficiency? The SIMCO 255 PTC is the only way to go. For more information on this or any other SIMCO drilling rigs or equipment, call our expert service department at 800-338-9925 or contact us online today!