SIMCO 255 PTC: Best Road Core Drilling Rig for Keyhole Drilling Work

The SIMCO 255 PTC drill rig makes short work of city and state utility road core drilling jobs!

simco road core drilling rigs

The affordable and maneuverable SIMCO 255 Pavement Test Core (road core drilling rig) rig is the perfect piece of equipment for any city or state utility core drilling. Used by transportation departments across the United States from Georgia to South Dakota and Texas to Nevada, the 255 has pavement core drilling features to get your jobs done quickly. Some of the best features include:

  • Compact, all-hydraulic operation with fingertip controls
  • Available as either gas or diesel powered
  • Can be either truck or trailer mounted
  • Adjustable controls and core barrel guide for stability
  • Cores 1-3 inches depth per minute
  • Cores through concrete, asphalt, re bar and brick

The SIMCO 255 PTC can be built with a pivot base when you need to get into hard-to-access keyhole jobs. The 255 drills a core as small as 2 inches up to an impressive 18 inches without tearing up the whole street or sidewalk. Due to its compact size and weight, this rig can be mounted to almost any carrier, keeping your existing trucks in service and saving you money.

When you need a piece of core drilling equipment that is easy to transport with the power and speed for maximum efficiency, the SIMCO 255 PTC is the only way to go. This rig comes with a versatile configuration to meet your keyholing needs and comes with a standard SIMCO warranty that is the best in the industry. With over 50 years of experience, you know you can count on SIMCO for value, quality and reliability.

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