SIMCO 2400 SK-1 Ideal for Waterway Drilling

SIMCO rigs are known for their power, versatility, and customizable features. But the SIMCO 2400 SK-1 is uniquely qualified for a very specific application, providing flexibility and efficiency.

drilling rig for water way barge

In Florida, recreational waterways are seeing an increased  need to install and upgrade boat docks, ramps, retaining walls, piers and safety markers. This is a task that has to be done from aboard a barge. Operators then have limited maneuverability and have to mindful of balance and stability to get the job done. Customers like Dockmasters, AVCO Marine, Hernando County Waterways, American Marine, and Ram Marine have all found that the SIMCO 2400 SK-1 meets these challenges head-on and gives them the drilling power, control and platform stability needed when working in the muck and mire of coastline canals and waterways.

  • Long-Stroke Mast: Because you have to get through a certain amount of water depth before even reaching the drilling surface, the 2400’s long-stroke capabilities can handle 10’ rods and 10’ augers, allowing increased tooling efficiency to get to the necessary depth. The use of the hydraulic hoisting winch provides safer and more efficient handling of these larger (10-12″) diameter augers
  • Side-Facing Controls: Most rigs have rear-facing controls, making operation precarious on a barge. The 2400 SK-1 was designed with the controls on the side, keeping the operator essentially on “dry land” on the barge, rather than needing to be suspended over the water – or walking on it.
  • Weight Distribution: The placement of the engine and the mast on opposite ends of the main frame on the 2400 rig provides a fairly evenly balanced unit when mounted on the skid. This skid is then easily mounted on the barge. The rig includes an in/out slide base which makes tool handling and hanging the working end of the rig over the side of the barge a much easier process.

SIMCO’s drill rigs are all-hydraulic, providing drill operators the power and control for maximum efficiency. No matter what you’re needing to power through, SIMCO can help you build the perfect drilling package to get the job done.

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