SIMCO 2400 – Proven SIMCO Quality in a New Package

When it comes to dependable geothermal drilling and water well drilling, no other drill in the SIMCO line up is more dependable than the new SIMCO 2400. This robust, portable drilling rig has proven to be low maintenance, compact, and powerful throughout all of our testing. While the 2400 SK-1 has been a reliable, ideal choice for geothermal and water-well drilling, we found a way to make it even better.drilling rig for export simco 2400

The NEW 2400 package has improved capabilities and features to make quick work of any project. The always dependable properties of the 2400 are still part of the package:

  1. Long Stroke Mast – handles 10′ tooling
  2. 2-Speed Drillhead – 2000 ft. lbs./90 rpm., or 1000 ft. lbs./180 rpm.
  3. Hydraulic Winch – 2550 lbs. max capacity
  4. 40 HP Diesel Deck Engine
  5. Split Rod Handling Table
  6. Hydraulic Break out Wrench
  7. 2×3 Centrifugal Mud Pump

The SIMCO 2400 has always been the industry’s best choice for versatility, mobility and economy but this powerful drilling rig is also easy to maintain and simple to operate. With an In/Out Slide Base, the option for a 4500 lbs. max capacity hydraulic winch, three hydraulic leveling jacks and the SIMCO tandem axle trailer/drill platform, the renewed 2400 Geothermal/Water-Well drilling rig is the best bang for your buck when you need to get into tight spots or travel on property with minimal effect. This newest version of our 2400 has been combined with the features and options of our other geothermal drills and water well drills to give our customers what they need. This rig is ideal for drilling those limited access geothermal drill sites that no other drill can access.

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