See SIMCO Quality First Hand With a Plant Tour

SIMCO’s reputation for service and quality is well-known – and for good reason. Every part is designed and built in-house, allowing quality control in every aspect of building your drilling rig. Not sure what ‘in-house’ truly means? Schedule an appointment and take a tour to see for yourself!

At SIMCO, virtually every piece that goes in or on your drilling rig is designed and machined in our Osceola plant. And you can set up a tour where you can see the attention to detail that takes place for each and every drilling rig in production. You can view completed drilling rigs and see the various kinds of equipment needed to build each SIMCO drill rig system – whether for water well drilling, geothermal drilling, construction drilling, specialty pavement core drilling and more. SIMCO prides itself on the fact that all fabricated components used in our drilling rig systems are built in-house. You can observe how the CNC – Computer Numerical Control – machine shop turns each precise design into an integral part of the SIMCO drilling system. Our engineers custom design each piece to work seamlessly within our drilling rig systems. By manufacturing all of our materials in-house, the SIMCO team of professionals controls the quality of each and every component.

From an outstanding service standpoint, keeping all facets of manufacturing within the SIMCO plant allows us better control when it comes to maintenance, support and repair. If something happens to a piece of our equipment after it has left the plant, we can supply the replacement in a fraction of the time it would take to send out for the same part. No matter if it’s a part or a fabrication, managing all elements of a SIMCO drilling rig and its maintenance in-house sets us apart from the competition.

Since our inception in 1971, SIMCO has kept files on each and every drilling rig shipped from our company. That’s nearly 50 years of equipment and drilling systems specifications on file with your manufacturer. No matter how long you’ve had your SIMCO rig or its age, we can find the details about the rig system set up to help with repairs and maintenance, ensuring a perfect fit and consistent performance.

Contact us at 800-338-9925 to set up an appointment to tour the manufacturing facility and see everything that goes into creating every quality SIMCO Drilling rig. Or reach out through our contact page to learn more about our drilling systems.