Rig-Up! Delivering Quality and Service to a New Customer

The SIMCO sales team recently delivered a new drilling rig to a company in Ashland, Virginia. The PTO-driven 2800 model was purchased during the South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee held in Myrtle Beach last month.drill rig delivery simco 2800

Equipped with a 185 cfm/150 psi air compressor and a 2×3 centrifugal mud pump, this SIMCO 2800 came with a “rig up” from the SIMCO sales team. A rig up consists of thorough training to ensure that the crew understands all the safety features and knows how to use all the features that make the 2800 drilling rig top of the industry in its class.

“The 10’ stroke is what makes this drill rig ideal for getting into tight job sites without having to remove trees or other overhead obstacles,” said Darren Swolley, General Manager and Sales Manager for SIMCO. “One standard feature that sets the 2800 apart is the tower extension that raises hydraulically and allows you to raise it once the borehole is drilled so you can set 20’ water well casing with ease.”

20' mast on simco water well drill rigThe 2800 PTO drill rig has a hydraulic in/out slide base which means the whole drill rig slides in/out from the truck. This will allow you adjustability and more room after the borehole is drilled for finishing the water well, the drill also has the innovative off-hole drillhead system. The drillhead will hydraulically swing out of the way to allow the driller a direct shot with the rigs winches for a safer and more efficient way to add and remove the drill rods from the tool string and set your water well casing.

While the features of the 2800 drill rig speak for themselves, it was the in-person word of mouth references at the Jubilee that made all the difference. The drilling company from Virginia stopped by the SIMCO display while the features and unique available options were described by the sales team. An existing customer happened to be at the booth and was quick to sing the praises of their own SIMCO drilling equipment. It didn’t take long for that drill to have a new owner.

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