The Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Drilling Rig

When you are thinking of buying a drilling rig, it can be easy to try to gather information about pricing first. But this is actually much more work and will end up taking you longer than you realized if you aren’t prepared.

Rich Clarke, Director of Sales and Marketing for SIMCO Drilling Equipment, offers these questions you need to ask yourself and your organization before buying a drilling rig:

  1. What is the purpose for the drilling? Water well drilling requires a different drilling system than you would use for soil sampling.
  2. Where will this drilling take place? Drilling on the East coast of the U.S. is not the same as drilling in the mountains of Peru. Also, diesel trucks built in the U.S. after 2007 can’t be used in most of the world, so the carrier for your rig will depend on where you will be working.
  3. What is the depth range and diameter range for 90-95% of your bore holes? It’s important to think ahead to the size and depth of the holes you’ll be drilling to determine the type of system that will be best suited for your goals.
  4. What type of soils or geological formations will be drilled and what methods do you plan on using? Hard rock and soft soil require different tools, and if you’ll be drilling in both, you need to be able to accommodate drilling tools for a wider range of soil types and drilling methods.
  5. Are you currently involved with bore hole drilling and water well installing? There is a big difference in needs between a company or organization that is buying a drilling rig for ongoing service and a group that only needs to use the rig for one or two projects.
  6. Will you also need all the tooling? Your sales representative will need to know if you are also shopping for the tooling when buying a drilling rig to provide you with the best options and pricing available.
  7. What is your target budget? Size, capabilities and shipping considerations all need to be taken into account when thinking about how much your business or organization is able to commit to

All of these factors need to be discussed and scrutinized within your organization before buying a drilling rig. To get an accurate understanding of how SIMCO can serve your needs, it’s imperative to have as much information of your operation as possible. Because of the wide variety of drilling environments in which SIMCO rigs are utilized – water well, geothermal, soil sampling, core testing – knowing as much about your requirements will help us tailor the best drilling system to fulfill your requirements.

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