Quality Always Highest Priority at SIMCO Drilling Equipment

When you are investing in drilling equipment, you want to know that your purchase will stand the test of time and will be an asset to your business. The quality of your equipment can make or break your business. If your rig is constantly breaking down or causing slowdowns in the field, clients might not become repeat customers.

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At SIMCO Drilling Equipment in Osceola, Iowa, quality is the highest priority. SIMCO is not just an assembly plant, like most other drill rig manufacturers. From start to finish, the SIMCO team is involved in each and every step. We design the rig, build all the parts, assemble it, test it and sell it direct from our factory in Osceola with no middle man.

  • Each rig is designed on site by SIMCO’s own knowledgeable and experienced engineers. With decades of expertise under their belts, SIMCO engineers have improved drilling equipment design to meet the changing needs of teams in the field.
  • SIMCO quality comes from the SIMCO Team. Many competitor drilling rig manufacturers are simply assembly plants that send out blueprints to contractors to make their parts. Not SIMCO. We engineer and build every part right here in Osceola, Iowa, giving us complete oversight in the quality control of each part being made, ensuring that only the best gets to wear the SIMCO name. And rest assured that our welders are some of the best you will ever find!
  • SIMCO sources from local quality. For parts SIMCO doesn’t manufacture, we work hard to procure locally, using the best quality available. We first buy in Iowa, and then expand through the rest of the United States to find the best quality, only looking outside the country if supply and quality can’t meet our needs.
  • SIMCO technicians have the talent and equipment to cut nearly any pipe thread used in the drilling industry, right here in house. Cutting drill pipe thread is an exceptionally precise skill and not only takes the proper computer programs and equipment, but an enormous amount of patience. SIMCO starts with a solid piece of steel when cutting threads, and one sub can take a machinist all day if the thread is particularly complex. Watch video here

An investment in drilling equipment is meant to build your business. Without the exceptional quality of SIMCO Drilling Equipment, you run the risk of spending more time fixing problems and searching for replacement parts than you do actually servicing your clients. The SIMCO team has hands on every step of manufacturing our drill rigs, ensuring  that our rigorous quality standards are met every step of the way.

Contact our customer service department by phone at (800) 338-9925 or by email today. Let us answer any questions and show you why SIMCO Drilling Equipment quality is second to none!