Now Is The Perfect Time To Trade In Or Upgrade Your SIMCO Rig

It doesn’t matter if your specialty is water well drilling, taking geotechnical soil samples, pavement test core drilling, or geothermal drilling, purchasing SIMCO Drilling Equipment is an excellent return on investment for any business. Now is the time to take advantage of updating your fleet with a used SIMCO rig or refurbishing the SIMCO rig you count on most.

simco refurbished drilling rig

Buying used SIMCO rigs or refurbishing one is a financially sound plan not only because of the reliability of our equipment or the way we stand behind our products, but also because they are valuable and in-demand as trade ins.

“Right now, anytime is a good time.” says Richard Clarke, Dir Sales and Marketing. “If we had any used rigs, we wouldn’t have them for very long.”

Used SIMCO rigs are so reliable and long-lasting that they’re in high demand, even by current owners. You may still be working with a twenty-year-old  SIMCO 2400 that you aren’t ready to give up just yet. So, if moving up to a new rig isn’t on the agenda, now is a great time to let the experts at SIMCO breathe new life into your old rig by giving it a factory make-over during the off season.

“Whether we only do minor repairs or upgrade with new features, your old SIMCO rig is definitely worth something,” said Clarke. “A used SIMCO rig that has been run through our excellent service shop is ready for many more years of operation.”

But, if you’re looking to take a step up, there are a couple of reasons to trade in your used SIMCO drilling equipment:

  1. Trade-in your used water well drilling rig to save on a newer model.
    Why not bring in your current rig and trade up to a newer version of the model you know you can rely on? Or maybe you’ve been eyeing a bigger model with more features to better service your clients. Talk with one of our sales experts to see how much you can save.
  2. Save on taxes with a trade in.
    Has your tax advisor been telling you to take advantage of current tax laws? By trading in your used SIMCO drilling equipment, you receive a break on purchasing a new drilling rig on the front end, but you may also be able to reap considerable tax benefits in the spring. Now’s the perfect time to have that discussion.

Any way you look at it, the time to invest in used or refurbished SIMCO drilling rigs and equipment is now. Whether it’s part of a growth strategy or getting a bigger bang for your operations buck, the SIMCO drilling rig is a smart investment you can count on long into the future.

Contact SIMCO for more specifics, both on your desired rig and the current setup you’re interested in trading in. Reach out to our outstanding customer service department through email or give us a call at 800-338-9925 today!