NEW SIMCO 7000 Drilling Rig ‘Big Blue’ Ready for Jubilee

The South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee starts this weekend and your SIMCO sales team will be on hand with the brand new rig -“Big Blue!”

big water well drill rig

This SIMCO 7000 water well drilling rig is a thing of power and beauty. Before delivery to its proud new owner, David Lucas Well and Pump Services out of Georgia, you will have the chance to see “Big Blue” up close and in person at the Jubilee in Myrtle Beach. Our expert sales staff will be available to answer any questions about the rig and all of the top-of-the-line SIMCO drilling equipment.

A state of the art water well drill rig, the 7000 will make quick work of even your toughest job. With an auto indexing 10 or 16 drill rod carousel, 2900 ft lbs of drillhead torque, up to 300 RPM drillhead speed, and over 29,000 lbs of pullback power, the 7000 a drilling industry leader and one of the best selling drilling rigs of all time.

Find us at the South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee – you won’t be able to miss “Big Blue!” Our sales team would love to tell you about all the unique and powerful options available on our custom-designed drilling rigs. And don’t forget that SIMCO also offers one of the best warranties in the drilling industry, as well as exceptional customer service. When you purchase drilling equipment from SIMCO, the service doesn’t stop with the sale. We stand behind our equipment and want to help you get the most of your investment.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best drill rigs and drill rig equipment in the industry with an unmatched warranty and support. Come see us at the Jubilee, contact us by calling 800-338-9925, or reach out through our Contact Page for your customized quote!