In-House Drilling – The SIMCO 2400 Perfect Rig for Better Control

The SIMCO team took a recent trip to deliver a new 2400 drilling rig to Fargo Consultants, Inc., a geotechnical engineering firm in Dallas, Texas. More and more frequently, engineering firms are taking control of their scheduling capabilities by bringing drilling services in-house. The 2400’s geotechnical drilling skillset makes it the perfect choice for engineering firms wanting to better serve their clients.

Click on the images below to see the new SIMCO 2400

The all-hydraulic SIMCO 2400 drilling rig is compact and low-maintenance, but tough enough for your more challenging geotechnical drilling tasks. Its impressive package of features and available add-ons makes it an ideal choice for first-time buyers as well as fleet increases.

Components that make the 2400 a class leader:

  • Hinged off-hole drill head
  • Long-stroke mast
  • In/out slide base
  • Two-speed high-torque drill head

Add-on options to make your business stand out:

  • Side-to-side slide base
  • CME Automatic SPT hammer
  • 3L6 Moyno pump

Maneuverability, ease of use, and a lack of ropes lift the SIMCO 2400 above and beyond other geotechnical drilling rigs. The CME Automatic SPT Hammer option gives your crew consistency and accuracy when performing Standard Penetration Tests for your customers. All-hydraulic raising and lowering makes set up quick, easy, and efficient.

Engineering firms across the country are learning how easy it is to reap greater benefits when they buy their own drilling rigs. The most obvious advantage is more control over scheduling. When your engineering firm doesn’t have to wait in line, you can build better service for your customers. Purchasing your own 2400 geotechnical drilling rig can also help mitigate extra costs, letting you offer the best pricing and drawing in better clients, to build your bottom line.

SIMCO Drilling Equipment is ready and eager to help your engineering firm take control of scheduling and grow your customer base with expanded geotechnical drilling capabilities.

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