Look at all of the drill rig manufacturers and see why we are better!

Drill rig manufacturers 

When you look at all of the drill rig manufacturers, we have in the United States there are not many. For our SIMCO 7000 and 2800 models there are only about 3-5 other drill rig manufacturers in the United States. Some are made for water well or geothermal drilling which are similar set up drill rigs. Then some are made to drill for geotechnical environmental soil sampling. 7000 drill being builtThe Geotech drills then have a whole new group of competitors. Some have been building drill rigs like us for a very long time. Others have only been in business for a very short while. While some have had their company sold and resold so many times it is like they are a new company at this point.

SIMCO 50th anniversarySIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. has been building drills for over 50 years all from our one and only location in Osceola, Iowa. We are not traded on the stock exchange, and we are independently owned. At SIMCO we are very family oriented and focused on our customers. We are lucky to have many employees working here for over 15-40 years. We make all of our own drill parts from the ground up. This gives us better quality control on what goes on our drills. Each drill part starts out in our engineering department and then is made here in our shop.

Very few drill rig manufacturers can say this. Most other drills send out parts to be made by others and then painted by someone else. Some send them outside of the United States to be built. This makes most other drill rig builders an assembly plant. These companies are constantly struggling to maintain quality in their drills.

At SIMCO we believe in taking care of our employees which in return will take pride in their work here. This will then flow through to our customers in how we care about what we do and how we do it. We are creating a customer focused work force that is here to build drill rigs the correct way and take care of our customers.

drill rig parts

Drill parts made at SIMCO

SIMCO does everything direct with no distributors. This means you get the drill you want and deal directly with us cutting out any middle people.


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