Every day, you make decisions that will affect your business. While you know your needs when it comes to hiring crew or purchasing equipment, you can’t expect to be an expert in every aspect of the industry. That’s where your trade show attendance and a strategy around gaining industry perspective and knowledge can give you a leg-up on the competition.

water well trade show strategies

At a time when long-term effects of each decision have to be considered, how can you know if the return on investment is worth it? Below are two valuable and strategic approaches to attending industry events that best optimize your time and professional access while there.

  1. Ask the Vendors: The different vendors who sell you your water well drilling equipment can have a great knowledge base on new items and advances in the equipment you use. If you do your homework before a show and go in asking for what you want, they will be happy to fulfill your request, or provide additional insight to best practices or alternatives to improve your drilling operation.
  2. Talk to Your Peers: Trade shows and special drilling industry events are full of attendees and exhibitors who are there explicitly to discuss their products and services. It costs nothing to ask questions of other attendees and it’s a great opportunity to “compare notes” with other drilling professionals to learn tricks of the trade whether it’s for water well drilling, Geotech sample drilling or the ever-changing world of geothermal drilling. Some of the best knowledge comes from field experience. When you have a couple hundred industry professionals in one place it would be irresponsible NOT to “pick some brains.”

Take advantage of the opportunities that are, sometimes literally, right in front of your face. Talk with the salespeople who come around to visit. Strike up a conversation with exhibitors at your next trade show or conference. If you’re only talking to the same suppliers, you’re likely to only get the same advice.

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