Geothermal Energy Reduces Environmental Footprint

In an age of rising energy costs and concerns about environmental damage, people are looking for ways to keep costs low without harming the planet. One way that is growing popularity is geothermal heating and cooling. Many new residential builders are choosing this option as the demand from home buyers spreads. Some states, including Iowa, offer a Geothermal Heat Pump Credit for systems installed after 2012 in residential developments.

geothermal drilling machine simco

Some businesses are also getting in on the savings, including SIMCO Drilling Equipment. Geothermal systems can cost more in upfront costs to install, but the lifetime savings more than make up for it. By installing geothermal and making other small changes like switching to LED lighting, SIMCO has been able to not only reduce their carbon footprint, they’ve also cut their energy bill in half!

 “SIMCO believes in making a dent in the overall environmental footprint by using all geothermal heating and cooling and LED lighting,” said Darren Swolley, SIMCO Sales Expert. “We support geothermal systems not only because we sell the machines, but because we believe in the product.”

Local developers are working hard to meet the demands of home buyers, and you can meet the new geothermal demands of your local developers, contractors and builders by having the best geothermal drilling equipment on hand to get to work. SIMCO’s excellent line of drilling rigs are built to meet your needs, with the perfect machine for nearly any job. The SIMCO 7000 is a powerhouse and just right for brand new developments where infrastructure like a geothermal system is being installed for new neighborhoods. But for rebuilds or updates, the SIMCO 2800 can get into those tight spots that other rigs can’t.

The best way to position your company as the go-to for geothermal drilling in your area is to have the best equipment available to get the job done. SIMCO Drilling Equipment can build exactly what your business needs to keep you in demand while creating a cleaner environmental impact. Being able to provide top-notch, sought after services to the developers and builders in your state will set you apart from competitors and put you on the path to success.

Want to learn about the options SIMCO has available for your business? Call our knowledgeable sales department at 800-338-9925, where you will always speak to a live representative.  Or contact us through the online email form to learn more about SIMCO geothermal drilling equipment today.