Gain Drilling Control and More with the SIMCO 7000 Floating Head

Water well drilling is as much an art as it is a science. Unlike the predetermined depth of geothermal drilling and the broad reach of blast-hole drilling, water well drilling requires a certain amount of hands-on skill, local knowledge and finesse to determine the correct depth. But that comes with its own challenges – from variations in ground material to understanding onsite feedback and tool management. That’s why SIMCO drilling rigs’ 7000 series includes an innovative floating drill head.

The floating head was initially introduced to the SIMCO drilling rig line in 1976 with the SIMCO 5000 and 2800 designs. Since then, engineers have continued to improve on the design integration and included it as a standard feature on the SIMCO 7000 drilling rig.

floating head water well drill

The floating drill head puts operation control and safety squarely in the hands of the driller. By understanding the feedback from the floating head, operators can not only be more efficient while reaching the desired depths, but also save in wear on the rig.

Here’s how:

Real-Time Feedback – Resistance as you drill down pushes the floating head up, letting you know the drill head is working harder to drill through stiffer clays, tough shales or softer rock formations. But when the bit hits a sandy/gravel based aquifer layer or softer material, it lets gravity take over and the floating head drops down. This gives the crew a “Real-time” indication that they’ve hit the correct layer for the water well.

Tool-handling ease – The floating head also offers the operators more feel and greater control while using the rod carousel or adding more pipe from the rod box.  The floating head greatly reduces the chances of galling the threaded tool joints when making or breaking connections.

Serves as Shock Absorber – While primarily used for the wet rotary drilling bits, operators using a DTH hammer in conjunction with the SIMCO 7000’s floating head will notice a reduction in hammer vibration. This reduces the wear on the main rig components.

simco floating drillhead

With a floating head that reacts to the drilling environment, the drilling operator has more control over the hydraulics, using sensory feedback to assess the hole. No guessing, no reliance on fancy, finicky electronics. Just the finesse of a skilled craftsman and the product of decades of dedicated engineering hits the target.

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