Flexible SIMCO New Rig Training to Meet Your Needs

When you purchase a drilling rig from SIMCO Drilling Equipment, you get so much more than just the equipment. Safety is of the utmost importance to the SIMCO team and they provide training on the operation, the safety features, and the maintenance requirement for every sale. But what happens when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate?

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service based in Ankeny, Iowa, recently took possession of their custom-built 2800 Geotechnical Drill Rig to be used for soil sampling. Unfortunately, the rig was delivered in the dead of winter, when poor weather and soil conditions plus an incomplete drilling crew made training difficult and ill-advised. Instead, the SIMCO Sales Team postponed the training session to accommodate the customer.

drilling rig training simco

“We emphasize safety when introducing our equipment. From the NDA safety recommendations through the owner’s manual, we walk the customer through all the appropriate safety precautions as well as all the functions and features,” said Ryan Gross, Accountant and Rig Sales for SIMCO. “That’s why it’s a no-brainer for us to conduct training at a time that’s most favorable for the customer’s time and not ours.”

With the flexibility to offer training after the sale, the client, in this case, could gather rig operators and assistant operators from across the state. Coordinating a training effort for more than 10 remote employees is logistically challenging, but the SIMCO’s team made sure they were available when the client was ready.  The training session was held at the SIMCO Osceola, Iowa location and took just short of 4 hours to get all operators and assistant operators acclimated to the SIMCO 2800 Drilling Rig.

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