FEBRUARY SPECIAL: Protect Your Hydraulics System With SIMCO Oil Filters

WARNING! Buying the wrong filter can void your warranty and damage the hydraulic system on your drill rig.

The right oil filter in your drill rigs hydraulic system can mean the difference between protecting your drilling investment and losing time and money to costly drill rig repairs. By using the right oil filter for your specific drill rig, you can safeguard your hydraulic system against low efficiency and long-term damage.

drilling rig oil filter

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While economy can drive many buying decisions, when it comes to quality and safety, making the right investment in drill rig parts and equipment will save you time, trouble, and money in the long run. The potential for entire hydraulic system damage increases when not using filters engineered specifically for your SIMCO Drill Rig.

SIMCO’s drill rig warranty is one of the best in the industry, but using improper oil and oil filters will void that protection and open you up to costly repairs if your rig encounters any problems. It’s as easy as a call to the SIMCO service department to find the proper filter for your SIMCO drill rig to ensure a long, profitable life for your investment.


SIMCO Brand Hydraulic Oil Filters: ONLY $69.00*

To ensure our customers are using the proper parts, SIMCO Drilling Equipment in Osceola, Iowa is offering special pricing on SIMCO Brand hydraulic Oil Filters.

When a SIMCO rig’s reliability helps you succeed, we win, too. That’s why we work hard to help you keep your drilling rig in top shape, getting the job done for years to come. Maintaining a drilling rig’s hydraulic pump and motor is a vital factor in keeping these types of machines operational and functional at all times.

Darren Swolley, general manager at SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. a manufacturer of all-hydraulic drills, says, “The rig’s hydraulics are so important in keeping the rig going. Think of the hydraulic oil as the blood and the hydraulic pump as the heart of the system. Just like in the human body the heart will stop if you clog it or get crud in it.”

While many oils and filters meet the minimum requirements, one of the most common mistakes committed, when it comes to the maintenance of the hydraulics, is using the cheapest possible solutions. Investing in quality components is always the better choice. Using the suitable grade of hydraulic oil for the climate the rig is operating in is essential to ensure that the oil performs properly, and investing in the right filters is essential.

“Using the wrong hydraulic oil filters on your drill rig is always a bad idea. Many people don’t understand that hydraulic engineers designed the rig’s hydraulic system with specific levels of filtration in mind. If too much is filtered, it will restrict the flow and starve your rig’s hydraulic pumps. If not enough is filtered, the system gets dirty and then pumps and motors will start to fail,” warns Swolley.

Another thing to keep in mind when a pump or motor fails and needs replaced is that the drill rig’s hydraulic system must also be properly cleaned to prevent the ‘crud’ in the system from causing future failures and problems.

When you’re ready to get your SIMCO Drilling rig’s hydraulic system in order and properly protected for the work to come, reach out to our customer service department today at 1-800-338-9925.

* Special pricing is good through February 29, 2020. You must mention this article to receive the special February pricing.