Employee Spotlight: Melody Goodman – Unmatched Customer Experience

SIMCO drilling equipment customer service

Melody Goodman – Click to view larger image

SIMCO Drilling Equipment strives to provide unmatched customer experience at every level. Meet one of the team who helps make that a possibility.

Melody Goodman came to the SIMCO team from the automotive industry. Originally hired in our drill rig assembly department, building and quality checking the rigs and equipment for our customers, Melody quickly showed her customer-first focus and adaptability for understanding all aspects of the SIMCO assembly process, including maintenance, parts and service. The next logical advancement for her was moving from assembly to the front lines of our parts and service department.

Her engaging personality and knowledge of SIMCO drilling rigs made her the perfect candidate to field service calls and emails covering everything from parts matching to service and maintenance questions. She also heads SIMCO’s quality control for parts, assuring all products are manufactured according to SIMCO’s strict engineering blueprints.

From order fulfillment to quality control and on to shipping, if you’ve requested a SIMCO part recently, you’ve most likely met or experienced the unmatched customer service of Melody Goodman.

For more drill rig parts information or to contact SIMCO, call 1-800-338-9925 or go to our “Contact” page and send us a note. We’ll have a SIMCO representative – maybe even Melody – respond as soon as possible.