Drilling rigs and using drones with them can be a huge advantage. At SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. we sometimes use drones to take pictures of our drilling rigs. The photos and video you can get with drones is amazing. We have used them to take video of our drilling rigs drilling water wells, geothermal boreholes along with geotechnical drilling as well. With a drill rig the mast when stood up can be thirty to fifty feet in the air making pictures of the drilling rig  a challenge.

“Before drones we had to raise someone up into the air with either a scissor lift or forklift to get those elevated shots of our drill rigs. Getting good pictures of your drill rig can really help you weather you are the drill rig manufacturer or the drilling company to promote your drilling business.” – Darren Swolley General Manager of SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.


Watson Pump & Well Drilling SIMCO 7000 from the clouds

Well Drilling SIMCO 7000

Watson Pump & Well Drilling SIMCO 7000 next to this house in Maryland

We love getting pictures from our customers of their SIMCO drill rigs and their job sites. We have customers that utilize the drones for inspecting the rigs mast while it is stood up in the air and drilling. These drilling pictures were taken in Maryland by Watson Pump & Well Drilling.

SIMCO 2800 drill rig

SIMCO 2800 Geotechnical drill rig

This picture shows a drone being used at SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. to take pictures for promotional use on our drilling rigs.

If you send us pictures of your SIMCO drill rig being used on your drill site we often times will send you SIMCO Drilling Equipment gear like hats or T-shirts. Please be sure to send your mailing address with the pictures so we know where to send it. Click here to send us your drill rig photos. 

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