Drilling Rig Water Pumps are Not One-Size-Fits-All

When purchasing drilling equipment, it can be easy to look at the biggest, most powerful water pump out there and think that it will be the best equipment for any job, paired with any equipment. But bigger doesn’t always mean better.

pump options on drilling rigs

SIMCO believes it’s important to choose the correct size and style of water pump for the drill it will be used with and the application it will be used for. You wouldn’t want to use the same water pump for pavement core test drilling as you would use to power through rock formations to create a water well. When you look at mass-produced trailer packages, it’s easy to see that some other companies do think that one size fits all.

“Just because you have a powerful water pump, that doesn’t mean you should run it at its max output if you want efficiency in the field and efficient use of horsepower,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Richard Clarke. “By selecting the right size and style of water pump for your particular rig and the job you need to do, you won’t waste time and energy and, ultimately, the customer’s time.”

SIMCO Drilling Equipment will take the time to talk through your needs, determining the best features for you and your business. Supplying everything from a small piston pump with a 3-5 gallon per minute output to high-volume centrifugal pumps for mid-range jobs and larger mono and duplex piston pumps for the larger jobs, SIMCO has the best options, no matter the application.

“And because we’re hydraulically running each of these options, we are giving the operator the ability to precisely control the output,” said Clarke.

For more information about any of the SIMCO Drilling Equipment models or to discuss the features that would best serve your business, call 800-338-9925 or use our CONTACT page to reach our sales department.