Drilling Rig Repairs Made Easy with This Simple Trick

drilling rig repairs

Drilling rig repairs are necessary but don’t have to be time-consuming. When a gasket, hose or pump goes out, you need a quick fix to get back in the field. Draining the tank before making repairs can be time-consuming and messy. What can you do to avoid the hassle and the resulting mess?

The expert technicians at SIMCO Drill Equipment use a quick and easy fix to get their rigs in and out and back to work. When you need to replace a gasket, hose, fitting, motor or pump but don’t want to drain the tank, follow these fast and easy steps:

1. Using duct tape, attach a shop vac hose to the tank opening
2. Be sure to keep the attachment dry and keep from submerging the connection in the tank fluid
3. Turn on the shop vac to create a head of pressure on the tank
4. Make your repairs or replace the malfunctioning part in a dry environment without the mess and time of draining
5. Turn off the shop vac, remove all the duct tape and you’re ready to get your rig back in the field, working for your clients!

Drilling rig repairs can be fast and easy. There’s no need to drain the tank or drench your repair technicians. Using this quick and simple technique will keep the fluid in the tank and keep your team clean and dry. You’ll save time and money and you’ll be amazed at how well this repair trick works!

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