Drilling Rig Feature: Look at the 2-Phase Jib on the SIMCO 7000

Safety and efficiency are the name of the game at SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc. That’s why our on-site engineers are always working to create the best drilling rig features – whether for water well drilling, geothermal drilling or geotechnical drilling. One of the most impressive features SIMCO offers is the 2-phase, hydraulic, swinging jib winch on the SIMCO 7000.

With a built-in limiter switch, the jib winch allows your drilling crew to extract drill pipes using 12,000 pounds of power in full pull up mode but also protects against winch pull-down by limiting available capacity when used for tool-handling. Full pull-up mode is accessed when the jib is fully retracted and positioned directly over the hole. Otherwise, the power available for tool handling is set to 6,000 pounds – more than enough to move rods to and from the hole.

Some features of the swinging jib winch include:

  • hydraulic swing-out capability for better side access
  • telescoping arm to move materials away from or nearer to the rig or borehole
  • power to easily pick up water well casings
  • wider range of reach on worksite for the rig
  • smooth and effortless rotation and movement

The variable power in the SIMCO 7000 drilling rig jib is a nice reminder that if your drilling crew isn’t getting the rig’s full pull, there may be maintenance questions to review:

  • Is the proximity sensor triggered open (or closed)?
  • Is the jib winch in need of scheduled maintenance, including cleaning, repositioning, or replacement?

These questions, once addressed, guarantee the availability of the variable power built into the rig jib winch as well as prolong the life of your equipment.

To work a job site efficiently, you need a drilling rig with the right equipment to move supplies safely around the job site. With the swinging jib winch system available on the SIMCO 7000, you can save time and money while keeping safety and efficiency top priorities.

Contact the SIMCO parts and service department for questions regarding maintenance on the jib winch by calling 800-338-9925, or reach out to our sales team through our Contact page to learn about drilling equipment options to fit your needs.