Drilling Professionals Know How to Find the Answers

As we approach SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.’s 50th Anniversary, the SIMCO team has been reflecting on past and present drilling rig customers and the work that went into making them successful. More than making a hole in the ground, each drilling pro sees a challenge that needs to be answered, and each one answers with their own amazing insight and innovation.

You can ask six different water well drillers how they complete a water well and you’ll likely hear six different answers.  Each well drilling company comes with their own tricks and processes to get the work done. Whether it’s managing space or coming up with innovative tool storage, the things we’ve witnessed in the field are truly inspirational. And most operators keep these secrets close to the vest.

Click through the gallery below to see how this SIMCO customer innovates for on-site efficiencies.


On a drilling site in west-central Nebraska, we saw a drilling rig operator had customized the bumper of their support water vehicle to carry the drill bit for their SIMCO 7000. This allows easy access to their bit from the back of the drill rig without overloading it.

air compressor chuck for water well drilling rig

Another rig customer mounted an air chuck adapter and compressor line to run pneumatic tools while on-site. This has been used in their operation to increase the options for power tools on site as well as maintain and change out tires on the rig and other vehicles in the field. The SIMCO team thought this was such a handy innovation, they’ve since added this option to all SIMCO 7000 drilling rigs.

Customizing your workspace or even making additions to a SIMCO drilling rig to increase productivity is a true sign of forward-thinking and innovation. We expect no less form the customers we serve.

Have you made or seen unique adaptations to a rig or drilling operation to help increase your drilling operation efficiencies? We’d love to hear about them. Please call 800-338-9925 to speak with our support team. You can also reach out through our online form, found HERE.