Drilling for Geotechnical Investigation Tips for Success

The use of drilling for geotechnical investigation is on the rise. In older cities and towns, it’s essential for making repairs to infrastructure and foundations. When planning a new development, geotechnical investigations are used to determine the properties of the soil and rock at the site so there aren’t any surprises. Soil sampling is essential in determining the safety, stability, and makeup of the ground being looked at for building or repairs.

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How can you ensure a successful geotechnical investigation drilling job?

  1. Safety First – Most sites being looked at for foundation repairs are in the middle of a busy city, near a bridge, on public roads and in generally populated areas. It’s important to make sure the safety of the public as well as the crew is put first and foremost during any drilling job. Crew members must wear the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and care must be taken to avoid damage to existing structures. SIMCO’s 255 Pavement Test Core rig is perfect for navigating those tricky city streets and getting in and out of tight spots.
  2. Keep it Clean – Soil sampling when testing for contamination requires measures very precisely to parts per million (PPM). Equipment that is easy to clean and maintain can help keep your rig working perfectly, whether drilling for core samples or locating water or gas leaks under paved streets. SIMCO’s best-in-industry warranty and unparalleled service department will help keep your rig clean and in top shape. Look to the SIMCO 2400 SK1 with its optional high-speed coring head for sampling or the 2400 Drillteam rig for street surface penetrating strength.
  3. Leave it Neat – When pavement drilling or performing geotechnical investigations in city limits, crews are expected to do as little damage as possible and to put the site back in the condition it was before they came. This can mean navigating into tight spots or driving across grounds without tearing up the earth. When maneuverability and longevity are the name of the game, SIMCO’s 2800 is the best rig for the job. This is a compact, ruggedly built, all hydraulic drilling option that outworks most others in the market.

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